Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's time to end....

....the laziness. While browsing through my old stuff, I realized my improvement in colors, anatomy and also my drawing skills. I always felt that drawing some lines and stuff (even sketching) was my weakness and I can see I made some steps forward over the last 2 years, BUUUUUUUUT I'm still not there where I want to be, meaning my skill level. And I feel so lazy much too often. It's not that I didn't studied, but I feel I should work harder and harder and harder, practicing stuff I'm bad at. And maybe my studying was too facile. So it's time to end my frustration at this point  and kick myself in the ass. :) 

The first pic is a little part of one of my latest wips. It's a  girl riding a flying bike, but I realized I still need to practice perspective and technical stuff, so I ordered (finally) a book about perspective and started to draw vehicles and other technical stuff in my sketchbook. I want to post some sketchbook scans soon.

 Some Hair Studies (refs used):

 Some sketching (no refs, except the 30 sec pose drawings):

And more doodling (of course no refs xD):

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