Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ok, I didn't post anything in a while - time to change that! I started again to practice a lot and the next days I will post some sketches and practice stuff. :)  I also forgot to post something and I start with the oldest:

Do you remember the speedy, I posted on October 2010? :)

And something I'm really proud of..Fireburst! :) It is an Arcade-Racing Game made by the german Game Developer exDream. I'm working at exDream as a Trainee and I worked on Fireburst from the Beginning. It will available for XBOX Live Arcade, Playstation Network and Steam. Now there is the Official Fireburst Website and the Official Facebook Page.
I worked on different Stuff - some Character and Environment Concepts and also 3d Environment Stuff. I'll post the Official Character Pic's from the Facebook Page, from which I made the Concept Art, because my original Concept Arts for the Characters are kinda old - I won't show them. รด_o

Ok, these are the Characters I designed for Fireburst (please note, that those 3d Models are NOT by me!):









And this was one of the Environment Concepts (the logo is not up to date):

The Character Thing in Fireburst is quite Fun, because you can combine your favorite Character with your favorite Car! =) It is cool, they have all different influences. ;)
You can have a look on The Facebook Page for more Info's about the Characters.

Ok and last but not least, my latest Artwork....^^

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