Monday, August 23, 2010

It's about time for more complexity ...

Sooooo, I just started a work, which will probably the most complex work I've done until now. Means, more characters and more stuff in the background. Yes, "nude elves in the forest" is not a very original theme, but i really need to feel comfortable while painting, because it'll be a hard challenge for myself (especially not to loose my patience). Hopefully, when it is done it will be a bit easier for me to paint more complex illustrations.


  1. looks good so far! the composition is interestening, you can make many nice things with the light, coming from the top of the trees, reflecting on the pond, bouncing to the characters and so in. keep goin!

  2. Dann mal Toi Toi Toi :D
    Wenn ich immer so grosse Projekte anfange, dann verliere ich am schluss immer wieder die motivation-.- *arrrgh*